ASIC North – Makes Chips Happen

We deliver the highest quality design services possible. We enable high-tech industry leaders and startups alike.  We focus on producing results and going beyond our customers’ expectations.

Our Mission

ASIC North is the premier design house and staffing company, providing expert engineering services for customers with semiconductor-based products and needs. We are committed to providing the most flexible, innovative and successful ASIC design, analog design, and characterization services to our customers. In addition, ASIC North strives to provide a family of analog IP cores, and provides complete supply chain management services to our customers.

Our Vision

ASIC North is dedicated to providing the highest quality integrated circuit design services and products, using expert engineering and project management skills, to enable our customers’ success and create new opportunities.

Our Values

ASIC North is committed to employing outstanding individuals as they are the most important part in enabling our customers to achieve their technical, business, and financial goals. We pride ourselves on providing a work environment that supports creativity, teamwork and technical excellence. We maintain a culture of respect and openness, all while making work rewarding and enjoyable.

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