The ASIC North Quality Management System (QMS) was developed to ensure the work we perform and the products we develop exceed our customers’ expectations for accuracy, performance and reliability. We strive for “first time right” in all our design efforts and product developments. We are committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of our business processes.

Our Quality Policy is simple: “Provide outstanding design services and semiconductor products to all our customers while creating long lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships by continually assessing and improving our services”. What this means is that we will design, manufacture and deliver products and services of the highest quality to our Customers. Each employee of the Company shares in the responsibility for providing the maximum achievable quality in our Company’s products. Our goal is to meet or exceed the quality requirements of our Customers in the most efficient manner possible.

To achieve our goals, ASIC North has implemented a Quality Management System which provides for a consistent method of executing our design, supply chain and other processes. This System is modeled to meet ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards and will ultimately lead to those certifications. There are four layers to our QMS systems as shown in the following figure:

ASIC North Quality Management System Pyramid

Our QMS manual is an overarching document which states our Quality Policy and establishes responsibilities for its implementation and maintenance. It points to the procedures which are used to define the structure of the system within each of ASIC North’s businesses / organizations.

The Procedure documents are unique to each tower of our business, and define the underlying structure of QMS activities within the specific tower. Work Instructions are listed for each process and are exactly as defined by the name. They describe the specific steps that must be taken for each unique task to be executed. They also define the documentation which must be completed and records to be kept. Form templates are identified which must be used to ensure records are complete and follow a repeatable format. Work Instructions provide specific guidance on the location of all records which must be created and retained.

Records are the proof that the necessary Work Instructions have been completed and serve as a permanent record of the details associated with that specific execution of our process. These records are available for inspection by auditing agencies as well as the customers associated with those activities.

This Quality Management System is at the heart of all we do at ASIC North. Through it, we will provide products and services at the consistently high quality level our customers expect and deserve.