What We Do & What We Expect from Our Partners

ASIC North has certain expectations of our partners, which include our vendors and suppliers.

First, our partners should understand that accepting a Purchase Order from ASIC North indicates the acceptance of the terms contained therein, as described in our Terms and Conditions as well as our Customer Flow Down Requirements.

In addition, the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct establishes standards for social and environmental responsibility and business ethics. The most current version of the RBA Code of Conduct (CoC) can be found here.

ASIC North supports the vision and mission of the RBA and strives to actively pursue alignment with, or even exceed the intent of the requirements, as applicable, of the current version of the RBA’s CoC.

As mandated by the Code, our company also requires that partners adopt the Code and be active “Participants” as defined by the RBA. Upon request by ASIC North, partners shall make available evidence of conformance. Should a partner abandon their participation with RBA’s CoC, they shall notify ASIC North in writing as soon as possible.