Regene (Regi) Graen

Please provide a short introduction of yourself including how long have you been working at ASIC North, where you are located, what your position is and what you do at ASIC North?
When my future husband and I rolled into Phoenix forty years ago in my rusty Pontiac Catalina stuffed with all of our lifetime possessions, I could not have imagined the wonderful career changes looming in the near future for this small-town Minnesota girl armed with a BS degree in nursing. From a Coordinator of Nursing position in a facility allied with the famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, to five years with a small, semiconductor design firm in Mesa, AZ offering layout career education and opportunities, to a twenty-two year stint as an IC physical integration engineer with Motorola, my most fulfilling position has been with ASIC North, my “home-away-from-home” in Tempe, AZ for the past decade.

ASIC North is known for its creative and brilliant workforce, including management, human resources, IT support, and design teams, all of whom join together seamlessly to make the design effort efficient, productive, and challenging while at the same time being a pleasant and stimulating environment in which to work. As a physical design engineer at ASIC North, my duties include chip and IP block layout lead (digital, analog, and RF–custom and auto place & route), drc/lvs verification, project methodology development, database release/archive, mentoring new employees, and conducting interviews of prospective employees.


What do you enjoy about the work you do and what is most rewarding?
What do I enjoy most about my position at ASIC North? I love the innovative and artistic aspects of physical design engineering and learning from brilliant minds (my colleagues). I find my work addicting and rewarding. I’m known by many as an “organized detail freak” or better stated.…a “systematic comprehensive enthusiast!”

What do you do for fun outside work?
Outside of work, I enjoy traveling with my husband and our daughter, our most precious joy, to the many marvelous Marriott timeshare resorts across America to experience places we’ve never discovered and to partake in the diverse traditions and cuisines of each, unique location. Barefoot walks on the beaches of Maui and Marco Island are high on my list of favorites, as well as just kicking back under a pool umbrella with a good mystery novel in hand.  Lunches with dear friends, beautiful nature walks, binging an exceptional Netflix drama series at home with my husband, and completing artistic projects such as knitting and cross-stitching also pop up on the agenda when time allows.

Manager Comment:
Regene is a highly positive force for projects at ASIC North. She exhibits a can do attitude, keeps a smile on her face during stressful projects and is always willing to help others. Her organizational skills keep us on track while her methodology outlook helps feed our hunger for continuous improvement. Regene is truly a pleasure to work with at ASIC North and is a great example of what makes our company one of the best.