Custom Integrated Circuit Design and Development Services

ASIC North is the premier ASIC design company that can help you improve performance, minimize cost and maximize your economy of scale with the development of a custom integrated circuit (IC) solution.

Our team of multi-disciplined engineers are dedicated to providing outstanding design services for companies within the semiconductor, aerospace & defense, agricultural, consumer electronics, and IoT industries. Through custom silicon design and IoT application development, ASIC North aims to be your one-stop-shop for integrating digital, analog, radio, sensors, and security into a custom silicon chip solution.

ASIC North’s offerings include full custom ASIC design services for full and semi-custom integrated circuit design, turnkey design and custom Intellectual Property (IP) development. Our designers will collaborate with your team to ensure all of your needs are met.

Explore ASIC North’s various custom integrated circuit design offerings, and contact us today for a free development quote.

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ASIC Design Services

analog iconAnalog Circuit Design

The ASIC North design team has an average of over 20 years of analog design experience and expertise across a wide range of analog areas — from power management and high-speed communications to data converters and temperature sensors. We use the best industry-standard electronic design automation (EDA) tools and analog design flow.

Learn more about our analog design services.

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asic design iconDigital Circuit Design

If you need expert digital logic design and verification, contact ASIC North. We create HDL descriptions (either VERILOG/VHDL) that accurately models the functionality needed for your custom device. We then meticulously verify the functionality accurately implements the specified function and then process the verified design through synthesis, netlist processing, test insertion, timing-driven placement/routing, and finally physical verification.

Learn more about our digital ASIC design services.

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rf iconRadio Frequency (RF) Design

ASIC North is here to meet your critical RF and mmWave design needs, including RFID chip design. We have experience with a wide range of RF technologies (CMOS, SOI, SiGe, BiCMOS) and how they are applied to RF applications.

Learn more about our radio frequency (RF) design services.

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layout iconIC Mask Design

The IC mask designers at ASIC North have worked with all contemporary semiconductor processes from 700nm Planar BiCMOS to 5nm CMOS — making us a top choice for IC mask design services.

Learn more about our IC mask layout design services.

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mixed signal iconMixed-Signal Verification

At ASIC North, we utilize a top-down design approach for System-on-Chip (SoC) and System-in-Package (SiP) designs to ensure we meet every system-level functionality and specification requirement. We have experience with all state-of-the-art mixed-signal verification environments and pride ourselves on being mixed-signal verification experts.

Learn more about our analog and mixed-signal circuit design and top-quality analog mixed-signal verification (AMS) services.

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lab characterization iconLab Characterization

ASIC North should be your first choice when you need ASIC verification and testing services for your Intellectual Property (IP) device. We can handle all your device lab characterization needs – from individual module testing to wafer-level probing.

Learn more about our ASIC verification services.

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Turnkey Design Services

ASIC North provides turnkey design services, which allow us to make chips that are optimized to meet your performance and cost objectives. We can turn a complex, discreet component-based system into a full custom ASIC chip that is suited to your every need. With ASIC North’s industry leading design practices, your product will be right the first time.

For your ASIC application, we will:

  • Work with you to fully define the specifications and requirements of your custom device
  • Develop a project schedule and cost estimate
  • Select a technology solution that addresses your performance and cost goals
  • Evaluate the business case to ensure a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) and win-win outcome
  • Design and verify your ASIC solution
  • Validate your ASIC solution

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IP Development Services

ASIC North will work with your design team to create and verify a custom Intellectual Property (IP) block design. We have years of experience developing IP blocks such as biomedical sensor interfaces, voltage references, multiple A/D and D/A converters architectures, RFID circuits, IoT components and more.

We will also generate a complete set of IP deliverables (*.v, *.lib, *.lef, etc) which allow you to easily integrate the IP into your ASIC design.

Learn more about our IP development services.

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