ASIC Design Services

ASIC North is an ASIC design services company that can provide design resources and turnkey solutions specific to your needs. Whatever ASIC design services you require, we will deliver a solution that addresses the unique problem you are trying to solve.

The ASIC North team will work with you to employ the right tools, personnel and design/verification methods that address the task at hand.

You can be assured we will use industry-standard electronic design automation (EDA) tools and proven processes at every stage of the engagement, and we will work diligently to exceed your expectations.

Read more about the services ASIC North provides, like analog and digital VLSI design solutions, and contact us today for a free development quote.

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Integrated circuit chip and specs

Analog Circuit Design

With integrated circuit design services, ASIC North’s team is capable of creating state-of-the-art analog designs based on your requirements and needs. Utilizing a top-down design methodology, we create a project flow that demonstrates specification compliance throughout the development timeline, and all but guarantees first-pass silicon success. Learn more.

Digital ASIC Design

We are a custom digital ASIC chip design service with the expertise and tools to create an innovative solution for you. Take advantage of ASIC North’s RTL design and verification, ASIC processing, full physical design services and more. Learn more.


RF Design

For your RF design, ASIC North’s team will combine time-tested processes and cutting-edge technologies to create an elegant solution to the problem at hand. Learn more.

IC Mask Design

ASIC North’s designers have IC mask design experience in CMOS, Advanced CMOS (down to 5nm), RFCMOS, FinFET and Bipolar technologies.  Using standard EDA tooling, we can link the schematic and layout representations. This makes it easier to trace nets, make quick updates and be more efficient in your design. Learn more.

Mixed-Signal Verification

ASIC North’s mixed-signal services include both design and verification, so you will be assured that the final product will perform better than expected. We use a top-down design flow to create simulation models first to ensure a higher degree of design accuracy, identifying performance issues in advance of actual design work. Learn more.

Lab Characterization

ASIC North will verify and test a variety of IP and devices. Using the National Instrument platform as well as other bench top test equipment, we will test and characterize your IP across process variation, temperature and voltage. Learn more.

VLSI Design Staffing

ASIC North can help augment your in-house design teams by providing highly skilled engineers who specialize in all facets of VLSI design (analog, digital, RF and mask) services. Our expert design engineers come “up to speed” quickly and can seamlessly be inserted into your product development flow.

O Scope

If requested, ASIC North can also offer an expert senior project manager to help ensure critical development milestones are achieved and are consistent with the overall design schedule objectives.

Let us work with you to create a solution for the long-term staffing of your development project. Learn more.

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ASIC North offers ASIC design services in a way that is unique to the industry. Whatever service you need, the ASIC North team will provide a custom solution to meet your requirements. To get started, contact ASIC North today for a free development quote.

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