Why Have Custom IP?

With 20 years of experience, ASIC North has a long history of creating world-class custom Intellectual Property blocks. We are “fab agnostic” which means we don’t preferentially design with any one semiconductor fabricator. If their foundry design kit (FDK) is available, we can use it to develop the customized circuits you need. This flexibility allows you to choose the best chip manufacturers that meet your project needs. You’ll find that no engagement is too big or too small. We provide custom IP solutions from single circuit blocks (like fixed delay cells) which can be integrated into our customers’ design or we can develop complete packaged solutions (such as a microcontroller enabled sensor device). ASIC North is the only IP design company you will ever need.

Circuit Board with MicrochipsCustom IP is an enabler. Perhaps you want to find a way to stand out from the competition. One of the most compelling reasons to use custom designed IP is to differentiate your design from what your competitors provide. Custom IP allows you to optimize your design for peak performance and separate you from the competition. Equally important, custom IP allows you to reduce die area by removing unnecessary circuits. Standard products usually have extra features that complicate designs and increase risk. Extra effort may be required to ensure the circuits are in the proper mode of operation. Quite often, improperly set or unused circuits can unintentionally interfere with the system design and decrease performance.

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Need to Port Your Existing IP to a New technology?

Because of ASIC North’s experience working with global semiconductor sources, we can easily migrate existing IP blocks from one process technology into a newer (more cost effective) process technology with a different supplier. ASIC North has a rigorous IP porting methodology that ensures first pass success. When it comes to successfully porting your IP, it is essential you follow a stringent recipe. Over the years ASIC North has established (and perfected) our IP porting methodology.

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What Common Kinds of Custom IP Does ASIC North Offer?

As you can imagine, a lot of the custom IP ASIC North develops is very customer-specific and would not be available to other customers. To list all of the IP that ASIC North has created over the past 20 years would be exhaustive. Instead, below is a list of common IP circuits that ASIC North regularly develops for customers which can be incorporated into larger deliverable designs.

  • Bandgap References
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Charge Pumps
  • Amplifiers
  • SAR ADCs
  • Pipeline ADCs
  • Sigma-Delta ADCs
  • DACs
  • Temperature Sensors
  • High-Speed Comparators
  • High-Side/Low-Side Drivers
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Real-Time Clocks
  • RC Oscillators
  • Standard Cell Libraries
  • Off-Chip Drivers and Receivers (LVDS/HSTL/SSTL)
  • RF Building Blocks
  • Power-On Resets
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT)

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Looking for Off-The-Shelf IP?

Although ASIC North primarily focuses on custom IP, we do have a modest collection of off-the-shelf IP that is available. Whether used as is or to serve as a reference design for a new product or technology, ASIC North is pleased to offer a variety of best-in-class, proven-in-silicon analog designs for immediate inclusion in your mixed-signal design.

The table below shows our current IP offerings. Please reach out to our sales team for further information.

IP CoreDescriptionFabTechnology
Pipeline ADC12-bit, 62.5 MspsTSI180nm
SAR ADC10-bit, 500Ksps, 8 channelsTSI180nm
12-bit, 1 Msps, 8 channelsGF130nm
12-bit, 1 MspsUMC153nm
14-bit, 500KspsGF12soi
14-bit, 500KspsGF45rfsoi
DAC12-bit, 768 KspsUMC153nm
12-bit, 768 KspsUMC153nm
RF ID Building BlocksDemodulatorGF7HV
Energy HarvesterUMC28HLP
Clock GeneratorUMC28HLP
e-FuseLaser Fuse BlockUMC28HLP
Oscillator24.58 MHz ±8%UMC153um
Crystal OscillatorReal Time ClockUMC153um
Real Time ClockUMC153um
PLL2.4 Ghz Frac-N PLLGF130nm
Level ShifterSingle to Differential 1.8V to -15VONONC18
Power On ResetUltra  low powerUMC28HLP
1.8V - trigger at 1.4VUMC153nm
1.8V - trigger at 1.4VUMC153nm
3.6V - trigger at ~0.8VUMC153nm
Dual Power-On ResetONONC18
Voltage ReferenceVoltage referenceGF7HV
Voltage Regulator3.6V to 1.8VUMC153nm
3.6V to 1.8VUMC153nm
3.6V to 1.8VUMC153nm
1.8V to (1.5/1.4/1.3/1.2)VTSI180nm
Temperature Sensor
-50C to +125C, 10-bit to 16-bitGF45rfsoi

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Don’t See Exactly What You Want?

If there is a circuit that meets some of your requirements, but not all, please reach out to us to see how quickly it can be modified to meet your requirements. Many of the IP blocks that ASIC North delivers are a spin-off from existing IP. Over the years, we’ve demonstrated our ability to leverage existing IP and quickly turn it into custom IP tailored for a customer’s unique needs. It is what we do best!

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Whether you’re in the market for custom IP to better differentiate your products, or to get more mileage out of your existing IP by porting it to another process node, or even in need of off-the-shelf analog IP; ASIC North is the right company to help you achieve your desired performance, schedule and quality objectives.

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