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At ASIC North, we provide cutting-edge digital ASIC design solutions for customers across a diverse range of industries. Our services include RTL design and verification, ASIC processing, full physical design and more. We’re a custom digital ASIC chip design service that focuses on meeting our customers’ needs with creative and innovative solutions.

As our customer, ASIC North works with you every step of the way to ensure your design specifications are met and your projects run according to schedule timetables from start to finish. When you work with us, you have a team on your side that is dedicated to driving successful results in a way that is cost-effective and respectful of your timeframe.

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What Is Digital ASIC Design?

The “ASIC” in digital ASIC design stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuits. This term refers to circuits that are designed to perform a specific function. Digital ASIC design is the process of designing an ASIC chip that uses digital logic components, as opposed to analog. blue colored computer chip

Digital ASIC chips were developed to improve technologies across multiple industries. They expand design functionality and enable high-end technology companies to design products with more precise specifications.

At ASIC North, we assist customers in the technology, manufacturing and other industries by implementing advanced and complex digital ASIC design services from the concept stage all the way to prototyping.
Our meticulous digital integrated circuit design and verification processes are outlined as follows:

  1. We gather as much information as possible about your product requirements and schedule constraints.
  2. We thoroughly explore your business, financial, and technical constraints on your project to properly make trade-offs for the best possible implementation.
  3. We propose a solution by factoring in your specifications, the trade-offs, and any schedule constraints.
  4. Next, we move into the architecture phase to develop the requirements that the design team will use for the detailed ASIC implementation.
  5. We implement, test, and verify the design before sending it to manufacturing. There are numerous checkpoints along the way with you to ensure we are tracking to the needs as they may evolve throughout the implementation phase.
  6. We send product samples to you for approval and verification in your end system to ensure the design meets your system’s requirements.

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Before we send our digital ASIC chip designs out for mass production, our engineers can fully verify and characterize the design to ensure that it meets the intended timing and performance requirements. Our reputation is built on our commitment to precision, functionality, efficiency and most of all — customer satisfaction.

When you work with ASIC North, you are guaranteed access to the industry’s most advanced digital ASIC design processes. We are an experienced ASIC chip design partner that works with you from the architectural stages to final product implementation.

ASIC North is committed to providing the most innovative and customer-centric design solutions in the industry. We’re dedicated to your success: Our job is not complete until all of the design deliverables have been signed off for our mutual satisfaction.

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