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ASIC North has been a key enabler to Semiconductor Manufacturers (Fabs) for over 20 years. As a fabless semiconductor company, our engineers work with the worlds most advanced technologies to create high speed serial links, memories, phase-locked loops, analog signal interfaces and a host of other elements required by product applications. We have experience with Bulk CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS and SOI technologies.


Our support of this industry spans many areas

  1. Design – We design and supply complete IP blocks to semiconductor manufacturers that can be leveraged by their customers. We also collaborate with the semiconductor manufacturers design teams to develop complex IP cores which differentiate them from their competitors.
  2. Verification – Our verification engineers work with these same design teams to verify all aspects of these IP blocks using the latest tools and techniques.
  3. Circuit Layout – Our layout teams work closely with factory design engineers to floorplan and layout IP circuits as well as creating process monitoring cells which are strategically placed on customer’s wafers to allow the Fab to test the electrical characteristics of the transistors and passive elements during the manufacturing process.
  4. Test chip design – We design test chips which are used to characterize the timing and power of digital libraries, off-chip drivers and receivers, and memories. ASIC North has a patented method to accurately measure setup and hold times as well as cell propagation delays. We also develop test chips that are used for characterizing a variety of Analog IP blocks.
  5. Characterization – Our test lab is equipped for both wafer and module level testing of both Analog and Digital IP blocks.
  6. Modeling – Our experienced methodology engineers can create a full suite of ASIC deliverables to enable any Analog, Digital or mixed signal IP block.
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