Why Choose ASIC North for Analog Circuit Design Services?

ASIC North is one of the best ASIC analog design service companies when it comes to analog mixed-signal design services. Our designers have expertise across a wide range of analog areas including RF design, power management, high speed communications, data converters, clock generation, reference generation, and temperature sensors. This experience set includes technologies that spread across bulk CMOS, Bi-CMOS, FinFet, and SOI processes from multiple foundries and includes leading edge feature sizes. On average, our design team has more than 25 years of analog and ASIC IC design experience.

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ASIC North’s Designers’ Scope for Analog Mixed Signal ASICs

ASIC North is capable of handling as much or as little of your design work as needed. The ASIC North team will execute your analog circuit design based on your requirements to develop circuit blocks or subsystems that can be integrated into a larger customer designed chip. ASIC North can also work with you to develop a specification for an analog circuit block if required.

Our customers have ranged from companies that have no IC design experience to some of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. Our designers are accustomed to working alongside your designers to augment your teams. They can also work with little guidance to get a design completed and delivered to your satisfaction.

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Here at ASIC North we use the best Industry-standard electronic design automation (EDA) tools.

  • Cadence Virtuoso is used for Schematic Capture and Mask Design.
  • Cadence Spectre, Spectre-RF, ADE and Spectre Multi-Mode Sim with AMS are used for Circuit simulation.
  • Keysight ADS Momentum is 3-D planar EM simulation software used for RF circuit and antenna analysis
  • Mentor Calibre is our primary tool for RC parasitic extraction and DRC and LVS checking
  • MATLAB/SIMULINK are used for System Analysis modeling
  • Our server farm provides more than enough power than is needed to simulate and check the largest analog cores and chip designs.

Alternatively, we can utilize your EDA tools and all work is performed on your systems. In those cases, we use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to securely connect our computers with your systems.

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Analog Mixed Signal Design Flow & Review Process

Our designers use a world-class analog circuit design flow that allows for multiple design reviews along the development path. This allows you to have visibility into every aspect of the project.  An example of the types of reviews that are held are:

  • Kickoff Design Review: This is the first step in the design process to ensure that all the specifications of the design are correctly captured and understood by the analog design team.
  • Architecture Design Review: These are normally conducted when an Analog subsystem is being developed. ASIC North has senior engineers who specialize in crafting architectural solutions. Often this process involves the development of a system-level model using tools such as MATLAB and SIMULINK
  • Block Design Review: Here the circuit designers will present the circuits being used to satisfy the design specifications and demonstrate how the design will operate over the manufacturing process and environmental extremes.
  • Block Level Layout Design Review : This is where the block level layout can be reviewed and simulations results of the extracted layout are presented to show performance versus the specification
  • Top Level Design Review : This is where we review the top level layout and associated extracted circuit simulations. We also highlight the list of items that have been checked both from a layout and circuit simulation to ensure that the final product is correct.

Additionally, internal reviews are regularly held by the responsible project manager to track progress and identify any potential issues. These must be discovered as quickly as possible and corrective action taken to avoid impact to the project.  Many of these internal reviews use engineers not assigned to the project. This allows us to leverage the broad range of skills within ASIC North. The result is a fresh perspective is brought to bear on the design which may reveal items of concern that may have been missed by the assigned design team.

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Contact ASIC North for Analog Circuit Design

Our design team has the experience required to develop innovative analog solutions, We‘re able to make the trade-offs necessary to optimize the design performance, area, power, time to market, product reliability, and cost of your design/product. To experience the best in analog circuit design, contact us to discuss your specific analog design and layout service needs and to see how ASIC North can make your project successful.