ASIC North Partnerships

Components of partnership representationASIC North has always understood the power of working together to reach a successful outcome. Formed by 3 like-minded design engineers, sharing the common goal of collaborating to make our customers more successful, one of ASIC North’s foundational tenants was established – Partnership. Early on, we recognized that although we are highly skilled design service providers, there are times when we needed to leverage the unique expertise of others. To that end, we have established technical relationships with some of the most sought out technology and Intellectual Property (IP) leaders in the semiconductor industry. These alliances have provided us with enhanced capabilities and enabled us to broaden our offering to our customers. In addition to our supply chain management vendors, we have forged partnerships with the following companies:

GlobalFoundries – RF Wave Ecosystem chartered member

Silvaco – ARM Firmware & Subsystems

Silicon Creations – Ultra high performance PLL IP

City Semiconductor – Specialty analog IP

Faraday – ARM core IP

LoRa Alliance – IoT radio IP standards

imec – Semiconductor Aggregator

MOSIS – Semiconductor Aggregator

Semtech – LoRa Radio IP

When you come to ASIC North with your design service needs you get the benefit of our technology partner network. And don’t worry, we will seamlessly manage ALL aspects of the engagement with our partners through your dedicated project manager.

About our Partners:

Global Foundries Logo GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s leading specialty foundry. We deliver differentiated feature-rich solutions that enable our clients to develop innovative products for high-growth market segments. GF provides a broad range of platforms and features with a unique mix of design, development and fabrication services. With an at-scale manufacturing footprint spanning three continents, GF has the flexibility and agility to meet the dynamic needs of clients across the globe. We are changing the industry that’s changing the world.

SILVACO logo Silvaco, Inc. is a leading EDA provider of software tools used for process and device development and for analog/mixed-signal, power IC and memory design. The portfolio also includes tools for power integrity sign off, reduction of extracted netlist, variation analysis and also production-proven intellectual property (IP) cores. Silvaco delivers a full TCAD-to-Signoff flow for vertical markets including: displays, power electronics, optical devices, radiation & soft error reliability, analog and HSIO design, library and memory design, advanced CMOS process and IP development. The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has a global presence with offices located in North America, Europe, Japan and Asia. For over 30 years, Silvaco has enabled its customers to bring superior products to market in the shortest time with reduced cost. Semiconductor fabs and design houses from around the globe have relied on Silvaco’s expertise to help develop the “technology behind the chip”. Silvaco’s mission is to help our customers accelerate the pace of technological innovation and their time to market while reducing their costs in developing the next-generation chips. We strive to understand our customers’ challenges so as to tailor the innovative products, services and support they need to succeed in their technology development and productivity goals.

Since its founding in 1984, Silvaco has grown to become the largest privately held EDA company and continues to grow consistently on the strength of its excellent products, support and service. The company has been a shining example of the innovative valley culture and strives to continue this legacy.

Silicon Creations logo Founded in 2006, Silicon Creations is a self-funded, leading silicon IP developer with offices in the US and Poland, and sales representation worldwide. The company provides world-class silicon intellectual property (IP) for precision and general-purpose timing (PLLs), oscillators, low-power, high-performance SerDes and high-speed differential I/Os for diverse applications including smart phones, wearables, consumer devices, processors, network devices, automotive, IoT, and medical devices. Silicon Creations’ IP is proven and/or in high-volume mass production in process technologies from the most advanced 5-nanometer (5nm) to 180nm.

With a complete commitment to customer success, Silicon Creations’ IP has an excellent record of first silicon to mass production in over 500 chips for over 200 customers and has earned “best-of” awards from TSMC and SMIC.

City Semiconductor Logo City Semiconductor’s team of world-class engineers has experience leading the way in high-performance analog / mixed-signal IC design, specializing in high-speed ADC and DAC IP.

Quality is our primary focus. It is not enough for a design to simply work at the typical process corner and pass layout connectivity. We consider back-annotated layout parasitic as integral to the design and stress our circuits through extensive simulation, both at the block and top-level, to make sure we exceed our targets.

Speed is our next highest priority, both of the circuits themselves, and in the time it takes to deliver working silicon. We continuously strive to reduce design cycle time, with a track record of completely functional first silicon.

Faraday Technology Corporation logo Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading fabless ASIC and silicon IP (intellectual property) provider. Established in 1993 as the first Asian ASIC vendor, Faraday is one of the few leading ASIC vendors with a comprehensive self-developed IP portfolio.

Faraday has been acknowledged for expertise and capabilities resulting in thousands of successful designs over a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, multimedia, display technology, communications, networking, and peripheral storage. Faraday ships hundreds of millions of ASIC chips worldwide on an annual basis.

The LoRa Alliance® is an open, nonprofit association that has grown to more than 500 members since its inception in March 2015, becoming the largest and fastest-growing alliance in the technology sector. Its members closely collaborate and share experiences to promote and drive the success of the LoRaWAN® protocol as the leading open global standard for secure, carrier-grade IoT LPWAN connectivity. With the technical flexibility to address a broad range of IoT applications, both static and mobile, and a certification program to guarantee interoperability, LoRaWAN® has already been deployed by major mobile network operators globally, with continuing wide expansion into 2019 and beyond.

imec logo Imec aims to be the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. As a trusted partner for companies, startups and academia we bring together brilliant minds from all over the world in a creative and stimulating environment. By leveraging our world-class infrastructure and local and global ecosystem of diverse partners across a multitude of industries, we are accelerating progress towards a connected, sustainable future.

MOSIS logoFor 30-plus years, IC designers have relied on MOSIS for an efficient, affordable way to prototype and volume-produce their devices.

Many turn to MOSIS for our special expertise in providing Multi-Project Wafers (MPWs) and related services that drive IC innovation. This “shared mask’ model combines designs from multiple customers, or diverse designs from a single company, on one mask set. It’s a practical prototyping channel that allows designers to debug and perform essential design adjustments – before making a substantial strategic investment. Today, with mask costs soaring, more designers than ever are using MPWs to manufacture proven devices and prototype new designs on a single wafer.

Beyond MPWs, customers are increasingly choosing MOSIS as their resource partner for volume-production. From design spec interpretation through mask generation and device fabrication, and onto assembly, MOSIS is their trusted expert interface to the semiconductor ecosystem.

Since 1981, more than 60,000 IC designs have been processed through our service.

Semtech logo Since our founding in 1960 as a manufacturer of high reliability products, Semtech has grown to become a multinational technology innovator, enabling solutions that fuel a safer, more productive, more sustainable, and socially focused planet. We leverage our highly skilled teams to develop new products that solve some of the world’s most complex design challenges, making a positive and significant impact in our lives and environment.