Hardware Characterization and IP Validation Services

ASIC North supports ASIC verification and testing for a wide range of devices and Intellectual Property (IP). Whether correlating product design kit models to hardware or lab characterization of ASICs or ensuring your IP performs to its specifications; ASIC North can handle all your device characterization needs.

ASIC North has extensive experience testing various IP:

  • Input/Output cell Libraries (CMOS, LVDS, ECL )
  • Standard Cell Libraries
  • EFUSE blocks
  • Analog to Digital Converters (ADC’s)
  • Digital to Analog Converters (DAC’s)
  • Phase Lock Loops (PLL’s)
  • Temperature Sensors
  • High Voltage Level Shifters

ASIC North will develop a test board to meet your requirements and can test at temperatures from -55ºC to +225ºC with a forcing accuracy of +/-1ºC.

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We use a National Instrument platform coupled with bench top test equipment for our Characterization services. We will fully characterize and test IP across all process, voltage, and temperature corners. Starting with a characterization plan, we will develop an automated test flow using National Instrument’s LabVIEW systems engineering software. We will also work with you to create a test plan if one is not available to ensure your test goals are achieved.

ASIC North utilizes the Applicos ATX7006A Data Converter Test System, with sample rates from DC up to 200/400MHz, to perform comprehensive data converter analysis. This system is a fully integrated modular solution combining high accuracy, low noise and fast sampling rates. The ATView Analysis software is used for configuring, programming and controlling the ATX7006A as well as eliminating the need for any code development. This allows for quick bring-up and analysis of results which greatly reduces development test time and ultimately the cost to our customers.

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