The Internet of Things (IoT) market is a target rich environment for those looking for product development opportunities.  At ASIC North, we understand what it takes to address the critical issues which challenge such products. Let us help you to develop that killer next generation product operating at the edge of the internet.

We all recognize that sensors provide the transition point for signals between the real (analog) world and the digital world of the internet. They convert vibrations, temperature, voltages, currents, acceleration, geographical position, and many more things into a digital representation that can be easily communicated to the microcontroller core. Sensor equipped devices operating at the boundaries of the connected and unconnected world must overcome a variety of challenges to operate in this space. Typical examples are:

  • Ultra long battery life
  • Autonomous operation
  • The ability to perform its task despite variable environmental changes (i.e. temperature, humidity, supply voltage)
  • Various physical stresses
  • Some form of a radio communications interface ((i.e. WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, NBIoT, etc)

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semiconductor technologies - smart watchASIC North has significant experience in confronting the challenges mentioned above. We have created a unique sensor interface device for the wearables market which acts as a sensor concentrator. This device has the ability to provide an AC stimulus to a sensor device and sense a response from 96 unique channels.  It contains built in digital signal processing which is used to filter and reduce the data volume prior to transmission. The device leverages our experiences with Analog to Digital converters (ADC’s), Digital to Analog Converters (DAC’s) and unique interface circuits designed to allow measurement of voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance and impedance.

Today’s semiconductor technologies provide the ability to create devices with many years of battery operated lifetime. Our device can operate with supply voltages ranging from 1.8v to 3.3v. Built in eFuse technology allows us to tune its operation during manufacturing testing.

We’ve already supplied almost 5 Million of these devices to the market and have enjoyed production yields of approximately 98.5% which attests to the quality of our design methodology as well as the reliability of our manufacturing and assembly suppliers. Coupled with our IoT Platform ASIC and our experience with LoRa radio interfaces, ASIC North is well positioned to create unique sensor interface devices specific to almost any product needs.

In summary, ASIC North has the Intellectual property, technical experiences and supply chain relationships to successfully develop, qualify and supply unique sensor semiconductor devices specific to your product needs. Contact us today to discuss your objectives and receive a no cost quotation for the development and supply of the device which will help make your product dreams a reality.