ASIC North’s Approach To Project Management:

1. Our system architects will work with you to develop an architecture and device specification that will prioritize your exact device needs. This detailed specification will drive the succeeding development effort.

2. The ASIC North management team will create a project and staffing plan that brings together the right design skills at the right time. We offer scalable design teams which allow us the option of ramping up a large group of expert designers to meet your aggressive schedule requirements. The assigned project manager makes sure the team members are applied at the appropriate time to insure a cost-effective development

3. The multi-disciplined team of mixed signal designers follow a well define process which includes specific milestones at key points in the schedule. Work can only proceed through a milestone checkpoint if all of the stage requirements are met

4. Your design will be fully verified. This includes block and subsystem level verification with the appropriate Analog or Digital verification tools. Full chip verification is completed using mixed signal simulators. ASIC North uses the best Engineering Design Automation (EDA) tools available in the market so you are assured of highly functional first pass silicon.

IoT network in business office

5. Once the design is completed and all signoffs have occurred (including your review and approval as the customer), our supply chain management team works with our top tier suppliers to fabricate and package the new device.

6. As the engineering hardware is being fabricated, our designers will develop the characterization and manufacturing test plans. Tester interface boards are designed and fabricated and all characterization / test programs are written and verified

7. Fabricated parts are subsequently characterized in our Vermont Lab or at an approved vendor’s location. Rigorous testing is completed at process, voltage and temperature extremes to verify all specifications are met in all environmental conditions. A thorough characterization report is prepared and delivered to you and the ASIC North development team. You (as the customer) and the ASIC North development team all parties must approve the Characterization results prior to proceeding to production.

design specs

8. Once we enter early production, we will conduct a JEDEC compliant qualification of the device. This stress testing will help insure we have a reliable design which will have few (if any) field returns. A comprehensive qualification report will be written which details the results of this stress testing with recommendations for remedial actions (only if required). This report will be reviewed with the customer and signoff is required prior to starting full production

9. Once production starts, ASIC North will fill Customer orders as requested subject to a documented process and predefined lead-times. All transactions will follow a predictable flow which eliminates all guesswork with regards to the sequence of event and parts delivery timing.

At ASIC North, we pride ourselves on providing expert project management services for every design engagement.  Trust ASIC North and our highly skilled Project Managers with your next IC design effort.