Custom Silicon Thrives for Defense Applications

A well-structured military is a vast, interconnected system of different teams moving toward a common goal — and these teams need leading-edge IP development services to thrive when fulfilling their duties. To meet these needs, ASIC North provides silicon chip solutions to support the aerospace and defense industries.

The aerospace and defense industries’ custom silicon requirements are as complex as they are diverse, and ASIC North has the expertise and experience to provide solutions to meet those needs. From custom silicon to IoT sensors to IP blocks, ASIC North creates fully-integrated solutions.

As a leading supplier of silicon chips and related technologies, ASIC North creates custom IP and sensor chip development services that enhance military and aerospace applications.

There are many uses for silicon chips in the aerospace and defense sector – from biometric sensing for tracking troops on the ground to radio communications necessary for secure networks to transmit information. When you need a custom silicon technology, you can rely on ASIC North for a fully integrated solution tailored to meet your specific application requirements.

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We provide specialized solutions for a myriad of applications in the aerospace and defense market, including:

  • Custom silicon
  • IoT solutions for bio-metrics
  • Satellite and radio communication
  • Telescopes
  • Avionics
  • Radiation hardening for resistance to solar damage
  • Radio frequency (RF) design

Applications of IoT in the Aerospace and Defense Market military machines and computer chip

The application of IoT in the aerospace industry is closely connected to the military given the latter’s reliance on aircraft. Automation alone plays a tremendous role in the existence of drones and their ability to affect the outcome of a battle.

An unmanned aircraft can explore dangerous areas and gather valuable intelligence without risking human lives, and the drone’s ability to carry weapons with long-range efficacy is crucial to challenging engagements.

Many primes serve the aerospace and defense markets and they rely on extremely precise equipment to create unique machines and systems and provide products for these demanding industries. They invest millions of dollars in research and development to create the latest aerospace and defense technology. ASIC North has well-established relationships with primes in these industries. We help them differentiate themselves with high-end silicon chip solutions.

With sensors collecting data on everything from environmental factors to plane performance, researchers can better understand the relationship between these interconnected points and develop more responsive artificial intelligence and safer, more efficient aircraft.

ASIC North Is One of North America’s Leading Defense Semiconductor Suppliers

Today’s advanced chip technology has allowed for the proliferation of the IoT concept by packing massive capability into minuscule form factors. With custom silicon chips powering wearables for military personnel, vast data collection and relay systems for aircraft and virtually imperceptible trackers for supplies, ASIC North’s solutions can encompass just about anything.

Defense semiconductor suppliers must understand the need for devices that are both rugged and sophisticated, able to withstand the rigors of harsh environments while still performing their tasks with precision. In the case of wearables and other technology that serves in the field, it’s also critical that these tools will not adversely affect operations and perform as desired.

ASIC North has been successfully navigating the semiconductor design industry since 2000, and we have a rich background in developing elegant custom silicon and IoT solutions for industries ranging from aerospace to agriculture.

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