Industrial Automation Applications for Custom ASICs

In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, today’s automation processes are primarily driven by advanced sensor technology — which is in turn made possible through the use of custom integrated circuit (IC) chips.

Automation is revolutionizing the industrial and manufacturing industries. Automating production provides a way for manufacturers to implement smarter and more time-efficient processes, while also increasing employee safety and streamlining and simplifying quality control.

At ASIC North, we’re dedicated to providing industrial customers with the custom integrated chip solutions they need to implement high-tech automation solutions into their day-to-day processes. From designing chips for temperature sensors to supporting energy-efficient lighting solutions, ASIC North has all of the necessary capabilities to meet your industrial automation needs with a fully integrated solution.

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What Is Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation refers to the process of automating industrial applications, usually through sensor technology. Most industrial automation processes involve using computer-based sensors to identify, analyze and measure physical presences or environmental conditions and produce specific outputs in response to what they detect — a process that occurs automatically. Industrial automation also requires IC chip solutions to perform most of its required functions.

Examples of industrial automation applications include:

  • Increased manufacturing consistency and product quality control
  • The use of lighting automation for energy efficiency
  • Automatic temperature control applications

ASIC North is a leader in providing industrial and manufacturing companies with custom chip solutions for sensors in both the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and more traditional Industrial applications.

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Quality and Safety

At ASIC North, we believe quality and safety go hand-in-hand when designing chips for industrial sensor applications. Partnering with technological leaders who contribute their expertise in various stages of the integrated chip design process, we create custom IC chips for all types of solutions used for your industrial application needs, including:

  • Torque sensors
  • MEMS sensors
  • Temperature sensors 
  • Light sensors 
  • Pressure sensors

With our chip design capabilities, ASIC North can help you keep your workers safe. From heat protection gear to ammonia detectors, custom chip design can be used to accomplish it all.

Our innovative circuit design services allow us to create sensors that help you boost your employee safety in the workplace and fine-tune quality control processes, making for a secure, productive work environment.

Going Green With Industrial Sensor Applications

If you desire to reduce waste and energy consumption, ASIC North can help with a custom chip design. We design custom chips that can be used to help you regulate light, temperature or other environmental applications.

When it’s time to go green, you can count on the experts at ASIC North to help you make it happen. ASIC North crafts innovative chip designs for both industrial IoT and non-IoT sensors.

We provide chip design services for virtually any industrial sensor application. A few examples of non-IoT applications we can help with include:

  • Feedback sensors for drilling rigs (non-IoT)
  • Gas and water meter level sensors
  • Equipment failure prediction sensors
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