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ASIC North is dedicated to meeting any challenge in the rapidly evolving world of technology. As custom Internet of Things (IoT) chip makers, we provide clients with innovative solutions for IoT sensor devices, IoT ASIC chips and much more. Our experienced team of professional designers and engineers will guide you through every step of the IoT design process from concept to prototype testing. We ensure that our valued customers remain our top priority.

As a leading design company, ASIC North has created a complete development ecosystem with our partners targeted for custom IoT devices. We partner with leaders in the semiconductor and process technology industries to develop and test IoT devices and to create custom integrated chips (ICs ) for our customers in the IoT sector.

This powerful network gives us a platform to perform specialized design and manufacturing services for our clients.

Working with design services companies like ASIC North to develop custom IC circuits is a must for anyone in the IoT Industry. In light of ever-advancing technology, you need someone on your side with the resources to help keep you ahead of the competition. That’s why we specialize in designing and manufacturing IC circuits and other devices for IoT companies.

IC circuits can benefit the IoT industry in many ways. For example, custom circuits:

  • Perform very specific functions
  • Do not require as many external components
  • Enable systems to become smaller and lighter while maintaining their power
  • Offer higher product differentiation
  • Provide greater overall security

Internet of Things

What Is the Internet of Things (IoT) and IoT Chip Manufacturing?

Internet of Things (IoT) has been a technology industry buzzword for years. “Internet of Things” refers to a universal application where devices around the world can connect and form a massive network for data sharing and collection. Much of this data is consolidated and stored in the cloud.

Why Choose ASIC North?

ASIC North provides clients in all major industries with highly customized, fully-integrated solutions for IoT products. Our ability to combine digital, analog, radio, sensors and security allows us to take care of everything in the integration process for you.  ASIC North’s designers will incorporate the right technology for your device (SoC or SiP) and keep its data secure in the process. When we design our customer’s IoT chips, we focus on value and functionality at all levels and perform every stage of integration in-house. This gives you a single, integrated custom IC solution for your IoT device.

Working with ASIC North as your IoT chip and sensor device supplier guarantees that you will have access to a streamlined platform designed for the creation of fully integrated IoT devices. In addition, we provide customer service that is second-to-none in our industry. We believe that open communication and customer-centric business philosophy is crucial for a thriving company and customer base.

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