Allora™ – Data Acquisition Platform for IoT Endpoint Applications

Allora™ is structured to be highly configurable enabling support for various radio protocols, ARM Cortex®-M0 compatible peripherals, analog/mixed-signal requirements, and external sensors. Allora™ will enable customers the benefits of reduced development costs and faster time-to-market than traditional ASIC developments. Customers may quickly customize the design for their needs or use Allora™ as is.

Initially targeting Smart City LPWAN applications, Allora™ supports the LoRa radio standard through innovative system-in-package design. The integrated high precision analog / mixed-signal cores provide control and measurement for many sensor applications including I-to-V, C-to-V, L-to-V, and small signal sensing. By starting with proven silicon, asicNorth’s customers will be able to prototype their system and develop firmware immediately while ASIC customization proceeds in parallel, which will greatly accelerate their customer’s time-to-market.