Commercial Application of Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuit (IC) chips have enabled commercial businesses to serve their customers and perform internal operations exponentially better over the past decade.

At ASIC North, we specialize in providing innovative IC chip design services to customers across a wide range of industries, including commercial enterprises. We aid in the development of integrated circuits in the commercial sector by providing comprehensive, fully integrated chip designs tailored to the individual needs of various commercial applications.

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What Are Commercial Sensors?

Commercial sensors translate environmental conditions into electrical signals. ASIC North develops sensor interfaces to allow data collection, analysis, and/or transmission to the cloud. For example, a temperature control sensor identifies a temperature drop in the surrounding environment, then reacts by prompting the HVAC system to raise the temperature automatically. IC chips enable this programmed behavior.

Commercial sensors can be used for a variety of purposes, including building management, customer service, package tracking and much more. ASIC North partners with numerous technology companies in our chip design ecosystems to ensure your IC chip functions exactly as desired.

Applications of IC Chips and Sensors in Commercial Industries

Commercial sensors can be used for business in countless ways. From commercial kitchens to multilevel office buildings, you can implement a sensor to help you optimize virtually every aspect of your business operations.

IC chips are designed to perform specific functions within an application and are integral components of commercial sensor devices. At ASIC North, we work with you to create sensors customized to perform your desired tasks — such as controlling the HVAC system, detecting plumbing issues, managing property, monitoring refrigeration monitoring, and other critical work.

We develop IC chips for both Internet of Things (IoT) and non-IoT applications.

IoT Applications

ASIC North designs chips for commercial IoT applications such as:

  • Customer location beacons and sensors
  • Commercial (and Residential) pipe leak detection controllers
  • Supply chain management devices such as package tracking technology
  • Automated building functions like HVAC control
  • Building access control and preventive safety applications

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Non-IoT Applications

Non-IoT commercial sensor applications for business can include:

  • Temperature controls
  • Water and electric meter readers
  • Light control applications

IC chips and sensors do more than simply make commercial processes easier. They also enable a level of safety and quality control never before seen in most commercial settings. For example, we can help you implement sensors in a large commercial kitchen — such as those found in restaurants and office cafeterias — to control stove top applications, regulate refrigerator temperatures and ensure that proper kitchen safety protocols are followed.

Commercial Kitchen with commercial sensors.

Contact ASIC North for Commercial IC Sensor Application Solutions

ASIC North is your one-stop shop for commercial IC chip design, as we bring together every necessary component of integrated chip development to provide you with the most advanced, customized solutions our industry has to offer.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one silicon chip design with analog, digital, radio, sensors and built-in security for your commercial sensor project, contact the experts of ASIC North today.

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