How IoT Is Shaping Consumer Electronics

The constant connection afforded by the internet shapes virtually every aspect of modern life. It’s therefore unsurprising the consumer electronics market is heavily geared toward the Internet of Things (IoT). In an IoT environment, devices and technological systems are connected and continually sharing data, allowing business owners to analyze and predict consumer behavior for streamlined user experiences.

With users craving smartphone connectivity on everything from the bathroom scale to a surround sound system, manufacturers of consumer electronics require integrated circuit (IC) chips that support their products’ integration into consumers’ existing IoT systems.

ASIC North offers custom ASIC development services and IoT sensor integrations to meet the growing challenges posed by consumer demands. When you need a custom chip solution for your device, ASIC North can provide the IC designs required to offer your customers a unique, innovative product that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

We bring digital, analog, radio, and sensors together while weaving in the security you need to develop a single, custom integrated solution to meet your desired needs.

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We don’t need to look any further than our fingertips to see consumer applications in IoT. Take smartphones, for instance, which can connect to virtually anything. For example, with a complete smart home integration, a homeowner can have their smartphone communicating with their car, garage door, thermostat, lights and refrigerator on a daily basis.

Other gadgets consumers love can also include this capability, such as a bathroom scale that connects to a smartphone or a fitness wearable, giving a user who has recently taken up exercise a data-rich picture of their success. Even simply listening to music may be the result of a relationship between a computer, a smartphone, and a noise-canceling headset.

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The Importance of Custom Silicon in Consumer Electronics

Each of these applications requires a custom silicon chip, which allows the device to perform its essential functions and interface with other components. In creating these interconnecting consumer electronic devices, manufacturers must determine the level of sophistication required for their specific needs.

While a standard product chip may suffice for an electronic application that interfaces with a single device, it may not perform all of the integrated advanced tasks as efficiently as a complex dedicated ASIC IoT chip could.  That’s where ASIC North comes in — we design custom silicon chips for consumer electronic devices that are both cost-effective and designed to maximize your economy of scale.

If you’re a manufacturer looking to seize market share with hundreds of thousands to millions of innovative products and large-scale availability, you need a custom chip uniquely suited to meet your specific needs. When you have a high volume of products to develop and you combine that with a low-cost integrated solution, you have a better opportunity to improve your profit margins and overall integration into the marketplace.

Contact ASIC North for Custom Chip Development and Capitalize on IoT Growth

Contact ASIC North when you need a custom, economical and scalable chip solution. At ASIC North, we’re dedicated to meeting this need by providing you with a completely custom, integrated ASIC chip design. With our sophisticated products, we can help you optimize performance while increasing cost-efficiency.

If you’re looking for custom chip development to capitalize on our hyper-connected culture, ASIC North has the tools and expertise you need to power your products. We’ve been meeting and exceeding the demands of this industry since 2000.  We have gained our customer’s trust across numerous industries ranging from smart agriculture to aerospace and defense.

The consumer electronics market has fully embraced the IoT concept, and the demand for more useful devices is only going to keep growing. Contact ASIC North today at 802-872-3000 or complete our online form to and get ready to start innovating.