FinFET layout

Part One: FinFET Technology and Layout

Jump to: The Emergence of FinFET Technology Density and Density Gradients FinFET Transistor Basics Diffusion Edge Proximity The Importance of Planning Front-End Shape Cuts Termination or “Finishing” Front-End DRC Before Routing FinFETs form the foundation for many of today’s semiconductor fabrication techniques but also create significant design concerns that affect your layout. Understanding the changes and design strategies that finFET […]

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Temperature Sensors

Jump to: Embedded Temperature Sensor Applications for ASICS Techniques for Measuring Temperature Design Considerations for a Temperature Sensing Circuit How Calibration Affects Temperature Sensing Learn More About ASIC North’s Embedded Temperature Sensor Solutions Temperature Sensors for ASICs Today’s electronics devices interface more than ever with the real world through various sensors. A key factor in the performance of integrated circuits […]

Tech Jam 2021

VT Tech Jam 2021

On Saturday October 23rd ASIC North will be exhibiting at the Vermont Tech Jam along with some of the most innovative tech companies in Vermont.  The event is taking place at the Hula Lakeside Tech Campus, 50 Lakeside Ave., Burlington, Vermont.  Stop by our booth to learn what possibilities await you at ASIC North! Link to more information on the […]

Mike Slattery holds #1 Best Place to Work in Vermont Award

#1 Best Place to Work in Vermont

Last month Vermont Business Magazine announced the rankings for Best Places to Work and ASIC North was ranked the #1 Best Place to Work in Vermont in the small business category. So exciting! This is thanks to our employees who completed a survey and rated ASIC North on a number of topics. We are thrilled with this recognition and humbled […]

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ASIC vs. FPGA: What’s The Difference?

ASIC vs. FPGA: What to Consider For Your Next Design Project ASICs and FPGAs are both types of microchips you may find yourself weighing as options for an electronic product design. To make an informed choice, you have to understand the differences between them. We’re going to explain how they differ in detail and look at the advantages and disadvantages […]

CES logo

ASIC North exhibiting at CES 2020 January 7-10
Sands Expo – Booth 43470

Are you Interested in: – Taking your Products to the NEXT Level? – Improving your electronic product by making it smaller, using less power and reducing your BOM costs? – Bringing a new custom IoT Device to reality? If the answer is “Yes”, then come to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and let ASIC North help you through the process.  […]