ASIC North, Inc. will be virtually exhibiting at GLOBALFOUNDRIES GTC2020 on September 24th, 2020. Join us for this virtual event!
As GLOBALFOUNDRIES technologies evolve and continue to set the standard for innovation, we are pleased to be a design partner in this technology ecosystem.  As a charter member of the RFwave™ ecosystem, asicNorth is well positioned to meet the complex design requirements of our customers with our wide range of VLSI Design Services.

Stop by the asicNorth virtual booth to discuss our latest IP targeting 45RFSOI or how we can leverage our design expertise and deep knowledge of the various GLOBALFOUNDRIES process technologies to bring your chip design to reality. Whether you are developing in the RF technologies (5PA4, 7WL, 8HP, 130NSX, 9HP), the SOI technologies (7SW, 8SW, 45RFSOI, 22FDX) or 12LP FinFet, asicNorth can help.

Register today for GTC2020 and click on our booth to learn more about asicNorth.

Contact us at to schedule a 1:1 meeting.

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