ASIC North, Inc. will exhibit at the Sensors Expo on June 26th and 27th, 2019 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA.

We look forward to participating this year at the Sensors Expo & Conference 2019 to connect with our friends in the IoT and Sensor Community and to meet those who are interested in our wide range of VLSI Design Services.

Stop by the asicNorth Booth #929 for an exciting demonstration of our IoT Endpoint Platform ASIC, called Allora.

Allora is a silicon proven platform ASIC developed specifically to enable rapid deployment of IoT endpoint devices. Allora contains an ARM Cortex M0 with a variety of digital and analog interfaces used to connect to a host of different sensors. Our demonstration integrates the Allora platform ASIC with a LoRaWAN radio in a system in package (SiP) solution. Allora will provide customers the benefit of reduced development costs and faster time-to-market than traditional ASIC developments. Customers can use Allora as configured or we can quickly create a derivative device to meet their specific design’s application needs. If your existing standard product offerings don’t provide the resources your application needs, then Allora may provide your IoT device a path to overall lower system cost.

Stop by the our booth and let us show you how asicNorth can bring your IoT Device ideas to reality.