FinFET layout

Part Two: Advanced Topics in FinFET Back-End Layout, Analog Techniques, and Design Tools

Jump to: Multi-Patterning The Importance of Design Tools Device Matching What’s Next? Electromigration and Ohmic Drops Experience Is Key to First-Time, On-Time Layout Passive Components Advanced FinFET Layout Design With ASIC North In case you missed it: FinFET Layout Part 1 In our last post, we looked at the basics of finFET technology and how its increased complexity and constraints […]

FinFET layout

Part One: FinFET Technology and Layout

Jump to: The Emergence of FinFET Technology Density and Density Gradients FinFET Transistor Basics Diffusion Edge Proximity The Importance of Planning Front-End Shape Cuts Termination or “Finishing” Front-End DRC Before Routing FinFETs form the foundation for many of today’s semiconductor fabrication techniques but also create significant design concerns that affect your layout. Understanding the changes and design strategies that finFET […]

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New Vice President – Steve Wyatt

ASIC North announces the promotion of Steve Wyatt to ASIC North Vice President.  A 37-year semiconductor industry veteran, Steve will continue to drive ASIC North as a leader in analog/mixed-signal IC design as well as champion ASIC North’s quality management system.  Steve has a long history of innovating complex PLL designs in geometries from 500nm down to 7nm with 31 […]

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Temperature Sensors

Jump to: Embedded Temperature Sensor Applications for ASICS Techniques for Measuring Temperature Design Considerations for a Temperature Sensing Circuit How Calibration Affects Temperature Sensing Learn More About ASIC North’s Embedded Temperature Sensor Solutions Temperature Sensors for ASICs Today’s electronics devices interface more than ever with the real world through various sensors. A key factor in the performance of integrated circuits […]