We look forward to participating agian at the IoT Tech Expo 2019. We’re hoping to reconnect with our friends in the IoT Community and meet those who may be interested in our wide range of VLSI Design offerings. Make sure you stop by our booth for a demonstration of our ARM Based IoT Platform ASIC. IoT Tech Expo North America 2019 logo

ASIC North’s ARM Based IoT Platform ASIC is the ideal starting point for your custom IoT Endpoint device. Structured to be highly configurable, it enables support for various radio protocols and numerous Flash Memory configurations. The ARM Cortex® M0 with compatible peripherals, analog interface capabilities and numerous digital ports provide the raw materials to address the most demanding autonomous sensor applications. The IoT Platformwill enable customers the benefits of reduced development costs and faster time-to-market than traditional ASIC developments. Customers are quickly able to customize their design to meet their needs using the ASIC North ARM Based IoT Platform ASIC.

The ANIOT002 is the perfect microcontroller subsystem for your custom IoT Endpoint device. Built on the ARM Based IoT ASIC Platform, it provides the ARM Cortex® M0 processor, 256Kbytes of flash with multiple security modes, a wide variety of analog and digital interfaces/formats and outstanding hardware security features. Leveraging the low power and long range transmission capability of the integrated SEMTECH SX1262 LoRa TM transceiver, the ANIOT002 enables remote autonomous sensor devices to reliably communicate with network hubs for many years without wired power or human intervention.  Stop by the ASIC North booth and let us show you how the our ARM Based IoT Platform ASIC, and the ANIOT002 can bring your IoT Device ideas to reality.